Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Beach & Fair

Ah here you go Mom - we did get one photo (sort of) of Genna with the lamb hood. Bummer she wouldn't put the whole costume on, maybe next year!

On our day off last week we spent a few hours at the beach

Dirty hands!!! You kept digging your hands into the sand so you'd have an excuse to go wash them in the ocean.


All Clean !

It was such a beautiful Spring day - we had a blast :)
Back at home - you look SO pretty!!!
On the weekend we went to our local primary school's fair - you picked out this Thomas cookie

Yummm it's nice

Funny Dada

We weren't sure if you wanted to go on any rides, but you kept saying Tea Cup - Tea Cup!

You had a GREAT time!

Waiting in line for your second tea cup ride with me - squishy face :)


On the way back to the car you spotted the park and yelled SLIDE PLEASE! So we stopped to play for a bit.

Fixing your bike - with a drawer full of keys - of course :)

All Fixed !

Fixing her bike :)

And a random cute video :) She loves putting on my shoes and walking around and of course 'lips' (chapstick).

I just have to tell one story too. Your vocabulary is expanding every day, Today I was telling you my throat was sore. You said 'Oh sorry Mama, I kiss it better?' I told you I needed to go to the doctor so you said 'My throat sore too, I go doctor too?' So cute :) Your throat wasn't really sore, you just like playing with the toys there and like the doctor because of the song 'monkeys jumping on the bed - Mama called the doctor and the doctor said, No cheeky monkeys jumping on the bed!'

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  1. Loved the scenes on the beach and the tea cup ride. We are so thankful for Skype and your blog. Helps us feel like we are part of Genna's growing and changing. Here's sending our love and kisses to all. Love, Grandpa and Grandma