Monday, November 19, 2012

We're Back!

After 2 weeks of sickness we are finally both feeling better - hooray (knock on wood!!!) We didn't get a ton of photos though over the past weeks, as we spent a lot of time just relaxing and recovering.

After being stuck in the house for 6 days (sick) when you finally felt better we went to the park for an hour

Fun with Dada

Reading a card from Grandma

Your new friend James who lives down the street came for a play this week

We had to pop into the post office, so we stopped for a babychino too and you picked this cookie :)

Quietly singing Rock a Bye Baba

Popping Bubbles again

Talking about her day at daycare- I tried to get her to repeat what she had been telling me but then the lure of seeing what I was recording was too much ha ha!

Lately you have started telling me when you're tired. Last night after dinner you said 'I tired, go to bed early?' Ha ha - ok - sounds good to me!

Tonight our exact conversation was:
G: Mama - Where Dada?
Me: He's at work 
G: Oh. Call Dada?
Me: Well if we call Dada what will you say?
G: I Love You, Love You Dada!
So of course we did call him so she could say that - how sweet!!!

Last night we had dinner outside - SUCH lovely weather! And you tried your first bite of proper American style pumpkin pie - yummmm !

This morning - you actually left the pigtails in for about 10 minutes - too cute :)


  1. Can't decide if my new screensaver should be Genna studiously reading Grandma's card (SO cute) or the pigtails photo - Those eyes!!
    Love you all,

  2. Happy Thanksgiving dear ones! As we gather together to eat,play, and celebrate, we think of you and your family in Australia and wish you continued health and happiness. You are with us in our hearts this holiday. Glad to see you out enjoying the sunshine and with the strep throat is behind you!Loved the quiet "Rock a Bye Baby" and how sweet all the photos were of our lovely little Genna.
    Love you, Grandpa and Grandma
    p.s. Grandma Sis won two Bingo games this weekend! We are thinking about taking her to Vegas if this luck continues. : )