Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Happy Thanksmas !

Thanksgiving painting

Ohhhhh yes - loving the dirty hands

Our Thanksgiving crafts (and a rainbow - she's loving rainbows lately)

Thanksgiving evening I made us sweet potatoes with marshmellows

Genna tried it - but called it yucky

What do you think glow worm?
Cuddles outside on the weekend - SUCH nice weather!

Genna's little tree

Helping with the decorations

Dadda putting up the lights - our first big family tree - SO exciting. (I said that to Genna in the morning - today we're going to go pick out a tree - so exciting. She now says it for everything - SO EXCITING!)

Now Santa - I've been a very good girl, here's my list!

Big smiles :)

And Finished! Genevieve LOVES it - comes down every morning asking me to turn the lights on then gives the tree a hello pat :)
On the weekend we went to the beach (and you actually ASKED to have 'tails' i.e. pigtails)

Cutie Pie

Down on the beach with Steve, Selina, Amelia & Clara

A change after getting wet in the ocean

Having an edamame snack (soy beans)

More More!

Back at home we hopped in the pool to cool off (HOT day!). First time both of us have ever had a swim in the pool I think!

I got it!


You had a GREAT time - we'll definitely have to do this often this summer :)

And one funny story. I was putting you to bed the other night and you insisted I pick you up, rock you in my arms and sing Rock a Bye Baby. I picked you up then said 'Oh Genna, you're getting to big to do this.' You looked up at me and replied 'No Mama, you big, I little!' Ha ha - can't argue with that logic :)


  1. Love Love Love all the hairdos!!!

  2. When I come to Australia, Genna will have to teach me to swim, I love the video, I see no fear of the water. Love the pool scenes, mother and daughter are beautiful. G.Gram

  3. So fun to see the holiday preparations; your Thanksgiving Turkey is very good, Genna. Plus, we loved to see your pretty Christmas tree. Enjoyed seeing the photos of swimming in the pool and all of your outings to the beach,too. Good to see everyone healthy and happy. Love from Minnesota-
    Grandpa and Grandma