Saturday, September 12, 2015

14 Months

Silly boy snacking on cheerios

I CAN WALK! (a bit)

learning how to use silverware :)

You have a number of words now - Mama, Dadda, Baba. Your new words are Ma for Genna and You like to say HI and wave to people :)
You also make a snort noise when you see a pig, a specific noise when you see a bird, growl for tiger/lion and you point to the sky when you hear a plane or see a picture of a plane. You also have a little book of pictures of us and you love to open it to the Dadda page and yell out DADDA!

You point and yell for everything else you want. Like if you see a particular toy you want but it's too high for you to reach, you point and say EH EH EH until I get the right thing down for you :)

When you woke up this morning and I got you out of bed you crawled down the hall to Genna's bedroom and starting pounding the door with your open hands yelling 'MA MA!'
I said no way - it's 6am we aren't waking her yet!!

Grandma taught you to kiss when we ask for one (love that one!) and to turn around and crawl off heights backswards (like our mattress on the floor). Because our staircase is SO steep we only let you crawl up, not down so you hadn't had the opportunity to learn that before.

I've only been giving you a spoon & fork for a few days but WOW so amazing how well you're doing! You are getting quite a bit of food into your mouth surprisingly!

This week you have started taking steps again. First it was one or two, but now a few days later you're getting more confident. Walking with your frankenstein arms straight out for 6-8 steps, falling then standing back up and doing it again. I think we'll be able to say we have a 'walker' within another week or so :)
2 weeks ago at starting big school (kindy orientation) - I was impressed with the smart board. You got to listen to a story which was great!

The teacher also showed us how she could draw and put picture on the board

craft time!

The pictures are backwards, but Genna & I had some special time together before the SBS session (while Grandma watched Max). Fun hot chocolate !

Play time at home - he LOVES playing with Genna

Cuddles for Baba
Last weekend I took Max & Genna to a soft play centre - SO great cause everything is padded

Too bad my new phone takes such horrible pictures, but you get the idea :)

This week at SBS, after a performance by one of the kindy classes, each child got paired by with a year 5 buddy. They read a book together then did a drawing. The Moms had to wait outside - I was desperate to know what was going on!!! Genna came out with her buddy Anna and was thrilled :) A great experience - and now 1 big kid she knows when she starts next year!

lounging on the sofa this evening

Max & I went to Kameko's 3rd birthday today - he wasn't very interested in the ponies - but loved seeing other kids :)

Cracker at the party with Mama

We caught up with Dadda at the mall before he headed off to camp with Genna

Genna with a mouth full of lunch lol :) They LOVE their Dadda so much

handsome man

I love sultanas ! (raisins) His favorite snack this week

Cute sleeping boy after a big day :)


  1. "Times, they are a changing..."
    All the milestones for Genna and Max, what an amazing journey children go through. I love that they gradually get children used to Kindergarten rather than introducing school all at once. That is a very sound idea and I am impressed with the thoughtful inclusion of younger children into the academic world. Yeah, Genna!

    Maxwell, I laughed when I saw that Momma had to put Cheerios on the couch to entice you to stand by the 14 month old sign. You are a handsome, little man on the move at this stage of the game. So thankful that you recovered so nicely from your accident and are starting to walk again. Love seeing and hearing about both of your days! What a challenge but a GIFT it is to be a parent and have the opportunity to watch your children grow, learn, and develop into their own unique and distinct personalities. Love you, Mom
    p.s. Use one of Murray's cameras or get a new one for yourself. It has to drive you crazy to document with blurry images. My life is blurry images at this age, but not yours. : )

  2. All those pics except with the blocks are from my phone. Seems there needs to be really good lighting for it to focus - sigh! I do need to start carrying my camera around again now that I have such a rubbish phone - annoying!

  3. Every picture is wonderful, so good to see Max up and about again. He is standing straight and tall his toes are flat and he reaches the ground. Genna will be just fine in school I am sure the smartest gal. Love GiGi

  4. Cannot get enough of every single photo!! Scrolling through them again and again.
    Thanks, as always, for the smiles!!
    Love you,
    G.A. Joni