Monday, September 28, 2015

Walker Videos! + Genna selfie (lol) videos :)

Happy siblings in their PJs :)
SO much love there
Max's UK passport photo! SO hard to get - wow! Hard to get him to sit still, look forward and not smile. It took awhile! BUT it was worth it as once it arrives he will officially be a US, Australian & UK citizen :)
Starting to walk
He was SO happy that he has enough balance now that he can use Genna's doll stroller. Of course he chose Baba to ride. (he's quite addicted to his bunny baba these days - glad I have 5 in rotation!!)
found another baba in the playroom!

Genna took my phone and was making selfie videos - I actually laughed out loud when I watched them back - TOO cute

On to something that requires even more balance - the bubble popper!!

He figured out how to give a zerbert (or blow raspberries as they'd say here) the other day. Now he thinks it's hilarious (probably because I laugh every time he does it ha!). This morning before we left for daycare/work he was leaning over and doing it on my neck/chest! I hope he doesn't do it to his teachers at school ha ha!


  1. Just love the video's and both stars! Every time I see Max walk-I am so happy, he is perfect! Genna will be a photo-journalist absolutely precious. Love you Mo. what a great job you do, thank you,so much. GiGi

  2. Beyond incredible blog!!!! Loving every moment of every photo and video!!! Thanks! Especially love the Count Dracula laugh Max gives at the end of the zerbert!! And Genna could quite possibly have a career in the movies - her selfie videos are priceless! Love you all!
    G.A. Joni

  3. BEST. VIDEOS. EVER!!!!!! Ohmygoodness! The selfies Genna took...we want more! So fabulous! But then the Max zerberts and sounding like The Count from Sesame Street!!! LOVE!
    Love and miss you's,
    Great Auntie Jani

  4. Genna, how about telling another story in the park with the kookaburas in the background? You are such a great storyteller! Loved your tours of the house and had to laugh when Max was in the garbage can and you said,"You wouldn't want to know what he does." Clever!

    Maxwell, we love how you are walking with ease now. Pushing that little popper is so cute and you are getting so steady at walking. Also, really enjoyed watching you giving the zerberts on Mama's back. Funny boy! Glad you are getting a US Passport, too!

    Monique, good job on sharing bits and pieces of your lives. We enjoy seeing the kids traveling through each stage of their developmental milestone. Missing you and wishing you warm weather, health, fun days, and peaceful longgggg nights of sleep.
    Love, Grandma Deb

  5. It's a UK passport he's getting:) he already has US and Australian :)