Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The rest of Grandma's visit :)

At the park while with Grandma while Mama's at home working

She loves to pose :)

A story - by Genna
Working on her kookaburra song with Grandma

she LOVES flowers just like her Grandma!

tons of clovers!

Another day at the park - they have so much fun

Harry Potter pose

Maxi potter :)


Fun before bed coloring on a box

Cute little man

in Manly with Hans a friend from Minnesota

ice cream YAY!

Hans & his wife Sarah

Genna & Max LOVED listening to this musician

YAY music!!

Genna got into the fountains - I didn't notice until her leather shoes were all wet - oh well

She had fun :)

A lovely day out in Manly with Mom :)
Dinner out with Grandma babysitting - a nice treat

Out shopping with Grandma & Dadda

Saturday tradition - sausage sandwich at Bunnings :)

Last week there was a lot of rain - but Genna made the most of it!
Apron fun!
Happy guy

She LOVES tomato soup!

Max's new mega blocks wagon from Grandma - he loves building on it!

poking the toy bunny in the nose

So big :)
Grandma & Max with the giant flowers we keep spotting!
cuddles with Baba

cranky lady

Fun at the library

Genna was THRILLED with her new duplo ice cream kit from Grandma

Genna spent the afternoon at the library with Grandma while Mama drove Max around for a nap while the carpets at our house were been cleaned :) Genna & Grandma read 17 books while we were out - WOW!
Later we went to a restaurant with a padded play area

They had a lot of fun

Argh Matey

Next day at the doctor's waiting for an xray

HOORAY my cast is off!!!

He was so so so so happy to be able to take a bath again

lots of fun playing with his sister in a nice long warm bath to loosen up his joints again
Cuddles with Dadda before he goes to work

Hello Mama :)

Reading! He likes making a snort noise when he sees a pig

Cinderella's carriage - I had to get in because the seat was too slippery to just set Max on it

I want to go with you Grandma!

Grandma's last day in Sydney we went to the Koala park

This cockatoo stuck his head out and said 'have a cracker?' ha ha ha

Yay koalas!

She loves the Emus

Petting kangaroos is the BEST though!


It was SOOOO calm!

We are SO thankful to Grandma for coming to stay for the month. She was a HUGE help with the kids, the house, overall. We appreciate that she was here to watch Max on daycare days as he was just too unsteady in the cast to go there safely for a full day. He absolutely adored her and Genna had a blast too. A fantastic visit - especially that the cast came off before she went home~!


  1. Loved the story by Ms. Genna, loved the pictures of Max listening to the music. I have watched it over and over, flowers beautiful, trees blooming, mom and dad look great and all is getting well. GiGi

  2. I find myself wanting to click "Like" on every photo!! Your babies are SO DANG CUTE! Thanks for sharing!
    Love and miss you's,
    Great Auntie Jani

  3. I think most of the photos and videos were mine, so I will not comment on the quality of the pictures! : ) What I can say is thanks for your kind words. It was great being with your family and glad I could help. I will long remember the tender moments with Max during the day and Genna with the baby roos. Take care and be happy. Love, Mom