Friday, January 2, 2009

Australia - the new chapter in my life

After 9 years together, 6 years in London and 15 months travelling.... Manly beach, Australia is where we will be settling down.
This is my new blog - my place to talk about my experience as a 'new' Australian resident.

I miss my family like crazy, especially after having SUCH a great month there visiting, but I am also looking forward to setting up the first home my husband and I have had together (after flat sharing in London & living out of hotel rooms & a truck on our travels)!

I'm well equipped for this new journey - I have some gorgeous new work clothes and....


and these
Sydney - here I come!

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  1. WE all miss you, too, LIKE CRAZY. However, we are thankful that you are healthy and happy. Plus, we know you are good when your shoe fetish starts up again after over a year of hiking boots and tennis shoes. Love, Mom