Thursday, January 8, 2009

Aussie Aussie Aussie

WELL - so the big update blog, now that I am approximately 5 days behind!
Sooooo what have we been up to.

We left Murray's parent's house on Saturday with a car FULL of stuff. My two large suitcases looked like a drop in the ocean in our huge car! We also had a TON of fantastic kitchen stuff that my lovely mother-in-law has been collecting for us for years packed in there!

Back in Manly, about 5 hours later, we carried load, after load, after load up to our flat. About 8 loads in total I believe - completely exhausting!

Then it was off on a mad dash to sort out a bed - to sleep on - that night! After comparing around 6 places, we decided which one to buy. However, it was too last minute for them to deliver. Luckily - we have a very long station wagon. So we folded the mattress a bit, and tied the box spring to the top and drove the few blocks back to our place VERY VERY slowly! It made it there in one piece, and is perfect for our spare room (our own BIG bed is arriving in a few weeks)!

That night we went out to a lovely Thai dinner, and then went back to our flat. I sat down in our one chair and Murray exclaimed 'you can't sit in that chair by yourself, then I have to go to bed!' Ha ha. So I gave up the foot stool so we could both sit and admire our lovely little living room full of boxes and suitcases:)

Sunday morning we were awoken by kookaburras at 5am!!! SO I got up early, and unpacked all the kitchen stuff. WOW she thought of everything! I used our new electric kettle to make myself a gorgeous cup of chai while admiring all of our new coffee mugs! Helen came by later that morning to drop off a jacket for me to wear to my interviews (I have not worn a suit jacket in a LONG time)! Then our good friends Steve & Selina arrived with their lovely two little girls Amelia & Clara. We had a great time catching up, and the boys ducked out for a bit to pick up some gently used living room furniture for us (so we'd have somewhere just to sit for now!!!)
Clara is gorgeous - she has grown SO much since we last saw her. And Amelia - she is lovely and so cute! She insisted on calling us Uncle Murray and Auntie Mo, what a sweetie

Monday we waited around in the morning until our new fridge and washing machine arrived (YAY) and then ran around Manly taking care of things, got some carpet samples, and ended up in the afternoon at our GREAT local mall - Warringah. I got some trainers (tennis shoes) - (they are SO cute) and we got a few other little things we needed (like an ironing board)! Then we did our first grocery shop - now that we had a fridge. We filled TWO big shopping carts because we were starting from scratch!! I think it took around 8 trips for us to bring it all up to our apartment! BUT, it was fabulous to be able to cook at home like we used to (a lovely piece of fish & salad - so nice).

Tuesday I had my first interview with an agency. It was SO SO difficult. SO many specific questions. I got through it - but after an hour of that I was exhausted! We caught a quick lunch with our friend Cameron and then headed back to.... the mall! They just have EVERYTHING there! We managed to sort out health insurance and I signed up for my medicare (government medical care) card! We also managed to sort out a microwave and a blender - not bad for one day's work! Helen came over that evening and we had some very yummy tacos which Murray made as we chatted:)

Wednesday we ran errands around Manly, unpacked some more, and I had my second interview which was in the city. I caught the ferry in (I cannot BELIEVE they have now cancelled the quicker boat which was called the jet cat - this now means the only option for the city is the ferry which is 30 minutes, where the jet cat was 15. Not a huge difference - but great timing huh? They just cancelled it - for good - a few days ago *sigh*). Anyhow, my interview in the city went great. The guy was chatty, positive and was 'sure' he could find me a job that would suit me - hooray!

When I got back I thought I deserved a nice glass of wine after 2 stressful days of interviews. SO we decided to open one of Murray's bottles (his parents had stored a bunch for him, as had Steve & Selina). The first one he tried was from 1996 and had such a dry cork that it broke off into a million pieces - into the wine. The second, from 1997 also had a cork that broke, but he managed to contain it. However - it was off, so undrinkable. The third - was a 'bit sweet' but just fine!!! I wasn't about to open a 4th in just one night!

Oh - and random - Just one thing I LOVE about this country - TONS of American TV shows!!! We watched The Unit last night (which my Dad got us into) and I cannot WAIT for desperate housewives and other such frivolous but enjoyable shows to start soon:)

Thursday - Today - we walked along the beach to the Corso - which is the main strip with all the shops in Manly. There we met up with our friend Cassie and met her GORGEOUS little boy Zephyr! We ran a few more errands, then headed back to our place for lunch.

things are good
We are both job searching, enjoying the weather, and glad that the basic setup for our apartment is coming along. Next big job - painting! It is really going to be a huge job, but it needs to be done and we figure that this is the best time - since we 1. don't have jobs and 2. don't have much furniture yet!

Anyhow, I promise to get some photos up soon. It is just difficult right now because we don't have internet at home yet:)


  1. Yay! I can't wait to see pictures!

  2. 3 bottles of wine in 1 night! Woo-Hoo. Remember, don't let them replace the carpet until your painting is done, the old carpet makes a great drop cloth.

    Miss ya.

  3. So glad you are more positive about being in Oz! Can't wait to see pictures.