Sunday, January 25, 2009

Like a hair dryer

Yesterday was SO hot - apparently it was the hottest day here in 3 years! (It was in the high 90's - 30's celcius - here by the beach - in land it was 110+ I guess - hot!)
When we walked outside it felt like walking into the path of a hair dryer turned on high.
Great day for the beach though.
For some reason the water was MUCH colder than when we took a dip the day before (currents I guess?) but gosh was it refreshing! Friday I went out into the waves for the first time since being here (they FREAK me out since I am used to nice calm flat water). And, they weren't as bad as I remembered!
But yesterday - scary. I stayed fairly shallow because the waves were massive and looking at me like 'yes, I am going to knock you down to the sand and give you sand burn on your face.'
So, some quick shallow dips into the water and relaxing to dry off in the sun was just just perfect!


  1. I miss that feeling!! Hasn't been above 5 degrees celsius here in ages... !
    Happy Australia Day!!

  2. Hi

    I stumbled across your blog one day ages ago.. before you actually settled in Oz. Welcome. I hope you love it here. I am Aussie born and raised but i have spent 18mths in Nth America and 2yrs in London. Good luck with the job hunt (I am looking also).