Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Australia's Roosters

Too busy to write much of a blog post yet,
but suffice to say Australia's Roosters - the kookaburras that live in the trees right by our bedroom window - have had us up every morning at 5am!
They are cute little things, but they are driving me crazy!!
But I can't complain - it has been 90 fahrenheit every day and sunny and gorgeous!
Will write a longer post soon


  1. Welcome to Australia Mo....I went to have a nosey on your blog and saw that you have started up a new one!!! glad to here you had a lovley time over NY's!! the weather has been fantastic!! we hve had a great xmas and NY...we have had 4.5 ( well .2 really as Mia is only 4 months) fellow Scots over to visit!! Let us know if you guys need any help with anything at all....

    see you soon
    Anna xx

  2. We don't have the luxury of the sea breeze, it's been 106 Fahrenheit at our place.... :-(