Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy M&M Day to us :)

Today is our 10 year dating anniversary!!! Way back when we first started dating we decided we wouldn't celebrate valentines day, but instead would celebrate what we decided was our first 'real' date - Feb 24th, 2000 - which we call M&M day.

We went out for lunch together which was lovely, and mid afternoon Murray called me at my desk to say I still hadn't wished him Happy M&M day:( Opps!!!! I blame pregnancy brain. I did buy him a present the week before, but it just slipped my mind on the day!!

Anyhow, Murray made some lovely lamb on the BBQ for dinner then we exchanged gifts. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress he got me. So thoughtful after my complaining last week that I am running out of casual things that fit! It has a lot of room for the bump and is SO cute!

Wow - 10 years - I can hardly believe it! I love you Murray :)


  1. Happy M&M Day! What a sweet gift :) You'll have to post a pic of you wearing it...

  2. Happy dating anniversary!

  3. Very sweet post - gosh how time flies though, right??

  4. Happy dating anniversary! So sweet!