Friday, February 12, 2010

Holy COW it's hot!

I just walked for 15 minutes to get some lunch and I thought holy cow it's hot. Even in the shade it's HOT!!! I got back a bit sweaty and saw the temperature gauge says 36c!! (102f!)


Anyhow, back in work's air conditioning now..... lovely:)

Last night we went to see Diesel perform at The Basement. It was a late night, but WOW is he a great performer - fantastic voice and an amazing guitarist! He played his favorite covers as well as some of his hits! Sparky kicked along to a few of the songs with a lot of bass too:)

The Basement was SUCH a cool venue too - Dad you would have loved last night - we are definitely taking you there next time you're in Sydney!


  1. I'm in, let's go

  2. I haven't been to The Basement in years, but I LOVE it, awesome venue :)