Wednesday, January 2, 2013


And the stockings were all hung by the chimney with care :)
Santa Came - cookies are gone & there's presents instead!!!
When I brought her down in the morning I pointed out - look Genna - Santa ate the cookies & drank the milk and left you presents. She looked confused and asked 'Where Santa?' I think she expected him to be there :)
Our new tradition - stockings!
Ohhhh an electric toothbrush!
And a car filled with chocolates - yummm

A Dora water bottle - exciting !!

Great picture of GrandDad and Nanna with their stockings

Dadda & Genevieve

SO excited about her new toothbrush :)

And then - the big present from Santa !!!

AHHHHHH what is it???

It's Thomas!

And Percy!
She loves Thomas :)

James, Percy and Thomas - all in a row!
My new trains!!

Bubbles and her gorgeous Christmas dress !

Cuddles with Nanna
& Helen

Choo choo

Genevieve distributing the presents

Cute :)

Santa Chocolates - yumm

Ohhh fun new Santa cup!

Cuddle with Mama

YAY Disney dvds !!
We love Dumbo!

I think we did well on this present

Lyn's amazing whale photo - Murray got it printed on canvas

Umbrella from Helen

present opening is exhausting !

Loving Potato Heads
I've got this present opening thing down pat!

Exhausted - needing a break!

The lovely table - decorated by Helen!

Not only pretty but also delicious!
My first every roast turkey - it's not burnt - just toasty :) The meat was delicious though!

Hats from the fun Christmas Crackers

Yea I don't want that - liquorice - gross!
Genna loving her present from Nanna & GrandDad - white board on one side, chalkboard on the other, and a paper roll for painting!

Watching Dada draw

It's a Gruffalo!! (that's what she asked him to draw)

Lollipop lollipop

Ballerina Genevieve :)

Dancing with Helen

Dancing with Nanna & GrandDad & ballet Genna style!

And one cute story - she was playing with Nanna and got all serious and said 'Nanna you a nice lady' - cute :)

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  1. LOVED all the dancing videos... but watching Genna chase Helen's bubbles while barefoot, running, and in her beautiful Xmas dress will keep me smiling ALL DAY!!! Great blog! Thanks!
    Love you all,
    G.A. Joni