Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy Australia Day!

We've started doing letter of the week crafts - Genna enjoyed it :)
At the park before her first dentist appointment - getting some play time in!

No More Pictures Mama! (that's really what she was saying!!)

Decorating the steps


Ahhhh Pure Joy

Her first dentist appointment was awesome. We went in because she fell on our tile floor a few weeks ago, and we just noticed last week one of her front teeth was going grey. I got her excited to go see the 'teeth doctor' and the lady was Great! She talked to her for a bit - asking her her name & how old she is. Then asked her to open her mouth - she did it - and I nearly fell off my chair in shock! She let the lady look around with a mirror, then opened nicely so they could take a photo of the tooth to compare for next time! For being such a good girl they gave her a bag of goodies - a new toothbrush, toothpaste & a little mirror to practice at home :) I'm glad to hear that the nerve in the tooth is likely just dead, but it doesn't really matter as it's a baby tooth. No cavities though - so all good :)
Another HUGE milestone this week - we took the side off of her cot and turned it into a toddler bed!! She loves climbing in and (knock on wood) stays in there once we put her to bed. And now we don't have to worry about her possibly falling out (she was starting to throw her leg over the side of the cot (crib) and it was making us nervous that she might eventually pull herself up hard enough to fall out). This pictures is the morning after her first night in her 'big girl bed' - she had somehow turned all the way around - but still slept great :)

On Australia Day Amelia & Clara came over to swim - Genna was thrilled!!
We had a nice spread for lunch too! Steak, sausage & crab legs + 7 layer & Asian noodle salads :)

Genevieve & Louisa liked sitting at their own little table too

Look I have tattoos!

Shame I have my eyes closed :( Great friends - great times!

Clara, Steve & Amelia

Barry & Rita

Little Rosie having a snack

Genna watching me shell some crab legs


Selina & Amelia with their gorgeous (and SO yummy) pavlova
Genna's first taste of pavlova! (she LOVED it of course :)

Ball pit fun!

With Rosie too :)
Genna & Louisa with lots of stuffed animal friends - in the ball pit :)

In the pool with Dadda


Happy Australia Day!

Floating with Mama too

Hold On!

Ahhhhh SO relaxing :)

Such a lovely Day - Go Australia!
The next day we went to the Sydney Aquarium

I see it Dadda!!!

She REALLY enjoyed watching all the sea creatures and asked what each one was called

Jelly Fish!

Giant Sting Ray!

Now THAT is a crab!!

Her favorite display was the sharks!!

That one is HUGE!

She loved seeing the dugongs too (manatees)

Looking down on the water tunnels - SUCH great displays there!

Duh Da Duh Da Duh Da

Exhausted after a big day :)
AND back at home - relaxing with her Disney Princess Tea Party dvd - SUCH a fun day :)

The other BIG news - I feel like we can officially say it now - Genevieve is potty trained!!! We had the 'YES this is it!' moment yesterday at the aquarium. Of course when I asked her to try to go before we entered she refused, and 3/4 of the way through she said HAVE TO GO! So I left Murray with the stroller, put her on my hip and started booking it to the bathrooms. The whole place is a one way maze - so it took ages to get to the end where the bathrooms are (seriously? with all those kids they can't have one half way too???). I just kept saying 'Hold it Genna, don't pee on me!' She did AWESOME - made it to the bathroom - I was SO proud. Big cuddles when we went back to find Dadda too. Our first day outing (other than mini grocery store & park outings) - and she did amazingly well. She has got it down at daycare now too - after nearly 3 weeks of afternoon accidents I told her - look if you have to go, just go. You don't have to go get someone to help, just go in, move the step over and go (I thought maybe it was just too much to go and find an adult and get them to come and help her - even though she loves the ladies in her room). We practice every time I drop her off and pick her up, and they are small so she can totally do it herself. Ever since I told her that not ONE accident - little Miss Independent!! :)


  1. Great shots and captions! Thanks!
    What wonderful memories for all of you!
    Love ya,
    G.A. Joni

  2. Thanks for all the wonderful photos! I especially like the one of Genna and Louisa having their own little party at their own little table! So grown up!! And two questions: what is Australian Day? And what is pavlova (and can we get a recipe?)?!
    Love and miss you's,
    Great Aunt Jani

  3. We are starting to count down the days until our arrival in Oz. Can't wait to see Genna in person!
    Love,Grandpa and Grandma