Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cook cook cook

Still LOVING the electric toothbrush - you are REALLY good at doing every bit on your own too!

Notice in the first picture the back of your hair is now straight - first haircut!!!  (other than bangs/fringe). I cut off the mullet like hair you had at the back so it'd be lighter in this summer heat - looks cute too :)

Loving spaghetti - you decided the spoon wasn't fun enough


And a bit of sauce squeeze :)

At the mall we popped by the parents room so you could use the toddler sized potty there (for the first time!!) and make a phone call of course :)

New kitchen!! You were VERY excited

HOORAY! You cook for us every day - here you were making some tea!

Baba's kissing :)

Cook cook cook :)

I can't remember if I wrote this on here a few weeks ago? But we were at the shops and you picked up something and said 'buy it Mama?' I said 'No Genevieve, I don't have any money.' (I never carry cash). You grabbed a credit card out of my wallet and said 'Use this Mama - buy it with this!' LOL!

You love playing doctor lately. Lately in the bathtub you'll take a toy and hold it up to me saying 'You sick Mama, I doctor lady, make you all better! Open your mouth, give you medicine.' It's SO cute :)

I asked you what you did at school today and you told me 'Played in sandpit, had bucket, put sand inside, mixed it! Play with new friend Mila - hold hands, say come see this.' You enjoy yourself there SO much - such a big girl!! You just moved to the older room as of last week (called the 'young preschool' group). You have settled in SO quickly and LOVE all the freedom you have and outside play time. Like rather than having water bottles, they have a jug and a stack of cups and you can go grab a drink of water whenever you feel like it (they also do set drinks at snack and meal times). You have also made a group of girlfriends that you eat lunch with, and just loving being a 'big girl'! You are one of the few who is potty training in your room as well - such a smart lady :)
blowing on your toast (can you tell she likes this dress? she begs to wear it all the time!!)


One glove, one pair of tongs

My pink glove!


Pick Me Up!

Kisses from Dadda

Dancing outside with Dadda

NOW what should I cook..... hmmmm :)
The other thing you do lately that makes us just melt is spontaneously giving us hugs and kisses and saying 'I love you Mama, I love you Dadda.' AHHHHHHHHHHH


  1. This blog is, in a word, precious! From the kitchen to the dancing to the "I Love You's"!!
    G.A. Joni

  2. Genevieve kitchen looks so inviting and she seems to be a gourmet cook for sure! Before you know it plain pasta and bubbles(Rice Krispies) will be a entree of the past. Also, love how the arts are everywhere in your house...painting, dancing, drawing, etc. Way to go!
    Love, Grandpa and Grandma