Monday, January 7, 2013

January Randoms

We saved a few presents for after the holidays too - just for fun
My pretty dress!

Concentrating hard

And then the princess.....
Enjoying her fancy Santa cookie :)

bracelets & a dolly too - very fun
Tickles from Amelia at her house - a fun evening!!
Cheeky reading girls - Clara & Genna

She LOVES to paint!!
And to read :)

One of my other new outfits
And the VERY exciting news of the past few weeks - potty training!! (and painting of course :)

Cute little princess undies
 She's doing SO well. We've been training for a few weeks now - she's pretty much 99% trained at home. We're working on daycare and outings - but she's doing REALLY well!!

And the cast is OFF - hooray!!! Ready for swimming again!

My Crocodile!!

At the mall in her safari jeep :) In another cute new outfit of course!

Dadda cutting down down palms - now THAT is a big umbrella!

Lyn bought us all 2 scratchies for Christmas. I thought I won $4, but when I cashed it in I got $9! So of course I cashed them in for 4 more tickets and $1 cash! Genna helped me scratch these - her first taste of gambling ha ha! We did win another $5 and a free ticket though - YAY!
A few cute stories too:

The other day Genna went into the living room and said 'Dadda - wanna watch tv but Mama hide the clicker!' (I have been limiting her tv time! ha ha)

She also told Dadda that he has a small tummy and Mama has a big one - thanks a lot!

She likes to announce that she has to go to the bathroom by yelling 'Pee pee coming!'

Her speaking simply amazes us every day. She comes out with words we didn't even realize she knew and strings them together pretty darn well.

Tonight a noisy motorbike when by and she said 'Listen Mama, storm coming!' thought it was thunder :) cute

She also asked my Mom on skype the other day 'Where Grandpa?' lovely that she remembers to ask. Later in the car she reminded me that 'Grandpa at Marky's house!'


  1. The crocodile floaty around the waist is too hoo cute!!! YAY - no more cast!!
    Thanks for all the photos!!
    Love y'all,
    G.A. Joni

  2. Did anyone else notice how Genna sits cross-legged exactly like Monique! On the first pic of the randoms. Monique, you still do that, when you're on the floor with Genna in photos! So cute. In case you didn't know, you have a unique way of doing that, I doubt you realize that :) It's always such a blessing to see your family and all the beauty of Australia. Thank you for sharing with all of us~

  3. Yep, the crocodile pic is the greatest!!! That smile is how I always picture Genna in my mind's eye!!
    Love you's,
    Great Auntie Jani