Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bike & Beach

Another miserable winter day in  Sydney :) We decided to take the bike to the beach! Genna was thrilled

Later we added the basket to the back (it doesn't work on the front with the shape of the bike and hits her knees). She LOVES having it on the back - notice 2 Babas are in there!)


  1. So cute!! Everything from the basket with her Babas, the helper handle for Dada, to the little squeak of the trike! Thanks for sharing!!
    Love and miss you's,
    Great Auntie Jani

  2. "You can't catch me!" Made me smile to hear Genna so engaging and to see her so confidant-pedaling along the walkway by the beach on her new, red trike. Even two babas are along for the ride. Darling photos.
    Love, Grandma

  3. In a few years Genna needs a Harley, then she can give mom and dad a ride. She is a real star and what a little trooper. Love the trike and love the blog. G. Gram