Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Big Girl

Last weekend we went to a Super Hero party. Genna wasn't thrilled with the Batman entertainer at first, but eventually got into it and collected her balloon sword.

Waiting for a Super Hero sticker

I love it ! (and yes, she said I'm not a super hero - I'm a princess!)

She loved the cake too - and her new favorite thing in the world - frsoting!

And now, some random stories I've written down lately....

A few nights recently, you have woken in the middle of the night and cried out, when I go into your room you are sitting up and say 'Mama, come lay down next to me.' I'm too tired to argue, so I crawl in as I know that that's the only thing that will get you right back to sleep (because you still cough a bit more until you are fully asleep). I layed down one night laying on my right side (towards the wall) and you tapped me on the shoulder and said 'Mama turn over, you're taking up my space!.' ha ha ha! It's not super comfortable, as even in your king single bed you still won't give me much of the space, however I usually wake up a few hours later, then sneak back to my own bed. I don't mind though, because after I lay down you roll over and put your little arm around my neck and say good night Mama. It melts my heart, makes waking up every night when you're coughing from a cold worth it for sure.

Lately you've been tell Dadda 'You're my BEST friend Dadda.' So sweet. You LOVE your special time with him.
You also tell me 'I'm the Princess and Dadda is my prince!'

Recently you went to the shops with Dadda. Outside the shopping centre you saw someone smoking and said 'Look Dadda, that man has a candle!'

The other morning, the day before your third birthday, you decided you wanted to wear a princess skirt over your clothes to school. I said ok - pick 1 (they are HUGE anyway)! You said no, I wear 2. I said no, pick 1. You replied 'I go ask Dadda.'! I said no Genna, I said 1.
You walked off and asked Dadda instead!! CHEEKY!

This morning I woke up next to you, and I said Genna my throat hurts. You started rubbing my back and said 'you feel better Mama?'

Orange smile

We have SO many oranges on our tree - yummmm !

I love the winter rain !!
I found a worm
I'll hopefully get her birthday party post up this weekend :)


  1. The superhero pics are super! And I teared up reading the stories you added (SO sweet!). But when I got to the photos of Genna picking up a worm with no problems - I laughed so hard and realized she definitely has Minnesotan running in her veins!!! LOVE it!!
    41 days left.
    Love y'all,
    G.A. Joni

  2. Walking in the rain, teach her that song, she seems to enjoy that so much. Love her boots and umbrella, too cute. I think it is perfect you lie down when she is stressed, best way to calm her down and go to sleep. Love those blogs.

  3. A princess who picks up worms?? PERFECT!!! And my advice to you is to cuddle into bed with her every moment you can! Someday those moments will be gone but you will be able to still pull them from your favorite memory banks!
    Love and miss you's,
    Great Auntie Jani

  4. Technically Batman isn't a superhero as he lacks and superhuman powers...