Sunday, July 21, 2013


PEPPA!! Thanks Charlie :)

Reading her new Peppa books with GrandDad and Nanna

Cuddles with GrandDad
Party table nearly ready - Cookies, Gift Bags, Cake, Princess plates & cups & flowers from our garden!

Made and decorated by Mama - not too bad I think :)

Rapunzel !!

The cookies Genna decorated for everyone, all wrapped up in family packets with crown tags!

She really did do a brilliant job of decorating them - I especially love the 3 m&ms !
berries ready for brunch

Cinnamon rolls - yummmm

A lovely photo of Nanna, Genna and GrandDad
Dancing to the Wiggles - before the party :)

I joined in too!

The party has begun - first our craft - decorating crowns!

Princess Genevieve
She also had the job of giving everyone a Princess sticker on their hand as they arrived at the party - of course she gave herself a Rapunzel sticker!!

Chloe said ohhhhhh these look nice!

Cute Chloe

Brunch ready to go - mini quiche, french toast, cinnamon buns, cream puffs and waffles!
And American maple syrup from Costco - yummm !
Ali and Harry :)

Helen helping out at the kids table

Allison and Sam
Cute Clara

Now, time for the game Pass the Parcel!

When the music stops, whoever has the package gets to open a layer!

Time to pass it on again!

Louisa's turn!
And Genevieve's turn !

I got a snap bracelet - YAY!

It was fun to watch too :)

Gorgeous Amelia & Clara

Pretty presents

Genna and her friend Poppy relaxing with some juice


Cake time !!!!

So exciting!

Are you ready ladies?

3 !!!

After everyone sang Happy Birthday, Louisa yelled out 'hip hip' and everyone chimed in HOORAY! She did a few times - super cute :)

Cake time!

And friend time!

SO many great friends
Harrison & Lindsay

Kisses from Aunty Helen
And present time !!!

Chloe said I can help!

Add caption

Lovely book !

Ohhh this is nice!

What's in there? COOL !!!

We are SO lucky to have such a great group of friends :)

Genevieve had a brilliant day

We all had a wonderful day. Happy Birthday to our BIG GIRL Genevieve :)


  1. Happy Birthday sweet girl! That cake is awesome!

  2. Okay...the entire blog made me cry happy tears! Awesome!

    38 days!
    Love you all,
    G. A. Joni

  3. ...and the cake is FANTASTIC!!! Bravo!
    GA Joni

  4. This is really cute - and well done with the cake - it's Women's Weekly good! :) I don't know who Ali (hopefully I didn't mix them up) is but he looks a lot like Hugh Jackman!!

  5. I'll bet Genna remembers this birthday forever!! The photos are so much fun to look through and read your captions....almost like we were there!
    And your family photos is darling! I will be printing it for my office!!
    Love and miss you's,
    Great Auntie Jani

  6. Wait...Hugh Jackman was there?!?!?!??!?!?!?