Monday, July 29, 2013


We heard about a local preschool that was holding a fete this weekend, so we went to check it out - you decided you wanted a pink butterfly painted on your cheek!
I guess I can describe a fete like a fundraiser for a school - part garage sale (we bought some books), food, face painting, etc. It's not our preschool, but it was still fun to go.

You were VERY happy with your butterfly :)

Some recent stories:

Last week I got to school a bit early to pick you up, so you weren't ready to leave yet (but Poppy's still here!!!).
So I watched you run back down to the playground slide (after giving me a hug).
You climbed up with 2 friends. One girl went first, you went straight after her and bumped her with your feet at the bottom of the slide. Poppy did the same, bumping you. (No one is in a hurry to get off!)
You came running back up to me all teary saying 'Mama, Poppy hurt my back.' I said Genna - go and tell her! Say Poppy you hurt me, please say sorry.
So I saw you go down and talk to her, then Poppy gave you a big hug. You came running back up to me telling me 'Poppy said sorry Mama', so proud of yourself to have resolved it :) So proud!

This weekend you had your second visit to the dentist. You opened your mouth for her to take a look in with a little mirror, and when you were finished she gave you bag with a new toothbrush, toothpaste and Princess stickers - you were THRILLED! That night in the bath, you sang a song that went like this 'I went to the dentist, she gave me a bag of stuff that I NEED' lol!


  1. The butterfly is cute, but that profile is adorable!!
    LOVE the stories!
    Only 30 days left!
    Love you,
    G.A. Joni

  2. I almost cherish the stories more than the photos................almost! :)
    Can't wait to see you all!!
    Love and miss you's,
    Great Auntie Jani