Monday, August 24, 2009

Sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads

Lovely weekend! Made me way to the gym on a Saturday morning for what I think was the first time ever since moving here. It was PACKED, the instructor was pretty rubbish (golden rule #1 – always have the music LOUD to motivate people, no Mr. Instructor we do not want to be able to hear you singing along to the songs), but I am still glad I went!

Caught up with Selina & her lovely girls which was lovely (we watched the classic 'Girls just Wanna Have Fun' - just gotta love classic SJP!). Also we saw a few movies in the theatre this weekend – Inglorious Basterds (EXCELLENT!!! Very Tarantino – but really a great movie – it was fun to see it at the cool old theatre The Orpheum in Cremorne too! Also saw Public Enemies which was good, but a bit slow moving – I guess that’s the difference between telling a true story & a totally made up one (like IB), not quite so many interesting twists.

The weather lately has been amazing, but I haven’t been in the sun too much to enjoy it. I had a sun spot lasered off of my cheek last week, and was told to stay out of the sun for awhile until the pigmentation adjusts itself, so no beach time for me. Oh well – it’s only just Spring here and 27c (84f) !!! today, so I think with summer still on it’s way I won’t be lamenting the lack of sunny days, they just keep on coming! My sun spot SEEMS to have been nearly 100% removed, fingers crossed that I don’t have to go in for a second session. But all I can think of when I think of that I had a laser zap my face is how all Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movies really wanted in life was ‘Sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads’ he he. I MAY post photos once the pigmentation is better – they say it’ll take at least a few weeks – we shall see:)

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