Friday, August 7, 2009

A little car whinge

So I think I've got this driving in Sydney thing down (other than in the city (cbd)..... that place is confusing with all the darn one way streets!)

My only complaint now is the petrol (gas) stations.

1. Why don't the pumps have those little notches so you can set your gas to fill and not have to hold onto it the WHOLE time? It stops filling once it is full anyway? I HATE having to stand there holding it while I could be washing my windows or something!

2. Why don't they have pay at the pump here yet? It is SO convenient to just swipe your card at the pump - and so much quicker!

That is all for now. TGIF - BRING ON THE WEEKEND!


  1. Automatic pumps - I'm liking that idea. My hand gets really sore holding on!

  2. OMG! No pay at the pump?!?!? How uncivilized! :)

  3. New vocabulary word- British in origin:
    "Whinge = complaint."

    I must admit I like paying at the pump;makes life easier.

  4. Most of the pumps did have the swipe and go but I don't think it really took off here, and you just put your petrol. tank cap in the handle that way you don't have to hang onto it. Some safety thingo we also used to have the little clip to hold the pump handle on......

  5. Oh my! That has been my #2 complaint since I've arrived in Oz! I despise pumping gas here. One other problem is trying to drive up to a pump on a Tuesday (when supposedly petrol is cheaper) without getting into a petrol station-rage (as opposed to road-rage). Once I got so flustered with pressure from other drivers that I gave up and went home w/o filling up. I begged my husband to never again ask me to fill up our tank. How sad is that?! :)