Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wed nes day

YAY mid week.
I'm tired - but feeling revived today for some reason.

Last night I was VERY happy to discover a new tv channel called 'GO' that shows a constant stream of trashy US shows. I watched Entertainment tonight and TMZ - so I feel all caught up on gossip now - ha ha. But the best thing is - this is the channel they are going to start showing Gossip Girl on - it premieres here tomorrow night YAY! I have read the book, and I've heard how good the show is. I'm just happy to have something regular to watch other than Packed to the Rafters (which seems to be the only Aussie sitcom - it's cute, but kinda dull at times as well...). We MUST remember to pick up season 6 of '24' this weekend so we have something good to watch!!

I promise to get weekend pictures/video up soon (the baby elephant was SO cute!!!)

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  1. So...... are they gonna show Gossip Girl from the beginning??
    I hate to admit it, but I am addicted to that show! Well, when I
    get the chance to watch it, anyway. Kinda like a car't stop staring!
    I sit and gripe about all the casual alcohol use with teenagers,
    yet still watch! Characters are fun.
    Miss you,
    Aunt Jani