Friday, August 21, 2009

Random TGIF

* I stayed up WAY too late last night watching the finale of a trashy American reality show called 'True Beauty' - the contestants think they are there to be voted 'Most beautiful person in America' but actually they are also judging them on their 'inner beauty.' It's quite entertaining I must say. We espeically like when they set them secret challenges, like having an actor fall in front of them to see if they help or just walk away. Most walk away, but the girl who won last night helped the person out in EVERY secret challenge. It's not a great show, but entertaining when there's nothing else on:)

* Very anxious for season 6 of 24 to arrive - should be here any day now - WHOOO HOOO. I realised watching tv this week that I had no idea what was on when and that new shows had started that I didn't even know about, because for the past few weeks we were 24 addicts, watching a few episodes every night, and nothing else. Oh well - it's a great addiction - I love that show! It's great that at least ONE thing is cheaper in Australia than in America - dvd box sets - fabulous!

* Oh and is it sad this whole post is about TV? Ha ha - oh well. I also started watching Gossip Girl. They showed the first ever episode here last week, and episode 2 was on last night. I'm liking it so far, nice to have something new & fresh to watch!


  1. That makes me feel so much better, as I have been an absolute TV hound, lately too! I finished the first season of True Blood, and now I'm on to Mad Men! We'll have to catch up soon and swap DVDs... :)

  2. Gossip Girl is awesome! So bad yet so good!! You'll get hooked :)