Friday, April 16, 2010

Late Easter Weekend

Last weekend we went to see Murray's parents & have a late Easter celebration

Their dog Emma was looking cute as always

Helen showing off her Lindt bunny & carrots from us

While Peter was still unwrapping his bunny, I was already nearly finished with a chocolate carrot (yummmmmmmm)

Lyn with her lavender foiled egg from us:)

My stash - chocolate bunny, chocolate carrots & a chocolate Bilby! Very very nice!!

How cute is the Bilby? I'll be honest, I have never heard of a Bilby before receiving this chocolate!

Helen & I spent a good chunk of the weekend crocheting. She was a very quick learner, and I got a good chunk of my crochet 'to do' list completed!

Peter watching us crazy crochet ladies:) We really got on a roll!

Sunday morning we went our for a lovely brunch in town

Lovely views & a very lovely weekend:)


  1. This photo of the boat is perfect for me right now!! I am painting some backdrops for the kid's spring musical at church and the theme is Under the Sea, but 3 of the 4x8' flats have to be of a marina and I have been looking for different kinds of ships to draw. This one is perfect! Thanks!!
    P.S. Still miss you guys and cannot WAIT to meet Sparky!

  2. I just don't know about the chocolate bilby... it freaks me out a bit. :)