Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Southern Highlands - Steve and Murray

Steve and Murray were supposed to go camping down in Kangaroo Valley last weekend, but Murray caught a terrible cold that stayed with him for over a week and is actually still hanging around now. He should have taken time off work, regardless of meetings! Anyhow... Instead of risking a night in a cold tent they decided to do a day drive and take some snaps. Steve carried the gear due to Murray's 'man cold', but Murray offered some camera advice in return.....Point and Shoot right? ha ha

So here's a few shots....I'm told the disclaimer is that the weather was not on their side and their was no 'golden hour'...

The first lookout...

Roadside Gums....

Carrington Falls..

Probably the pick of the bunch, Steve's composition just above Carrington Falls.

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