Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Play Catch Up

Just a few pictures that I have been meaning to put on the blog... and a couple new ones.

Some flowers that my darling husband gave me at work....well actually, one of his co-workers Uliana. She didn't want them...so Murray saved them from the trash can!

Arranged on our dining table.

Murray went to a Tupperware party.....well not actually but he did make 15 Chicken and Vege meals to freeze. Holy Moly!

He also made from scratch these tasty Moroccan Skewers!

Our friend Matt braving the 'huge' waves on the long weekend with his buddy Paul who only hours previous to this shot was sitting on a plane from the UK. Loving the Manly beach life already!

On Monday night Murray decided to make not one, but TWO chicken and roasted vegetable lasagnas!! Lyn bought us this extra deep non-stick pan/dish to give some additional layers... and here's the result!.....


  1. Bravo on the cuisine, Murray. One of your many talents.

  2. Okay...it's supposed to be the pregnant mommy that goes on the cleaning/cooking spree just before the birth!! Zac is nesting! That's fantastic!!! Frozen dinners are ready for those days when you're too tired from parenting and need a healthy, quick meal!! Love the photos! Now I'm hungry! ~Joni