Sunday, April 4, 2010

Week 27

*How far along?: 27 Weeks

*Total weight gain: 7.8 kilos - which is about 17 pounds

*How big is baby?: Sparky is (still) the the size of an eggplant

Sparky's lungs are going through some major developments these days, which (combined with the opening of previously plugged nostrils) means he's now able to practice inhaling and exhaling. The lack of air in the womb means every 'breath' is filled with amniotic fluid, but hey - it's progress.

*Maternity Clothes? Yup, my range of pre-pregnancy clothing that still fits is getting smaller & smaller (really only a few t-shirts!) . I have now resorted to wearing Murray's big t-shirts for pajamas as well - comfy!

*Sleep? Better than last week. My new pillow, when propped between by knees, seems to help me sleep a lot better. However the nightly trips to the restroom have started again *sigh* I said goodbye to that annoyance in the first trimester but - surprise - it's back! fun fun

*Best moment this week? Hearing Sparky's heartbeat at my doctor's appointment. Also, finding out I don't have gestational diabetes and that my iron count is good and I'm not anemic - yay! However, the ob did say I had an 'unusual looking bump.' Ummmm ok - what is that bad??? He said no, all is fine, it's just very straight out and not very round (yes, I know) just unusual to not have much spread width wise and rather it's just poking straight out. Hmmm interesting. I am booked in to see him again in 3 weeks, then it'll be every 2 weeks - until I get closer to my due date - then it's weekly. WOW time flies!

* Movement? Yup lots. It does seem to be changing a bit this week though. More spinning around rather than just straight out kicks. There are kicks all over the place now though. I felt 4 in a row the other day - all in different corners of the bump - so I think maybe it was an arm, arm, leg, leg. Murray is convinced Sparky is kicking on one side, then bumping his head off the other side - it does kind of feel like that sometimes!

*Food cravings? Hmmm nothing in particular - still just loving to eat! I am starting to try and eat at least one banana every day though, as I read that they help reduce leg/feet cramps.

*Labor signs? too soon for that!

*Belly button in or out? Still only just barely flat - I wouldn't call it an outtie yet - but it's getting close!

*What I miss? I think I have said this before - but stretching met legs/feet! I had one foot cramp so bad this week that my big toe moved sideways under the next toe til the cramp went away - OUCH! I just try to be careful and not stretch them in a way that I know will cause cramping!

*What I'm looking forward to? A nice short work week after my lovely 5 days off over Easter! It has been great to catch up with family & friends & celebrate our friends Cameron & Nicole getting married. Sparky loved the music/dancing!

*Milestone? Well I'm officially in the third trimester now which is VERY exciting!
So in honor of the third trimester milestone....... a poll! I will tell you our thoughts next week:)

*Feelings this week?
* We bought a few more things this week and got the cot & change table (thanks S&S!!) which is VERY exciting - everything is starting to feel more 'real' now!!

I tried to find a photo of JUST this liner, but it picks up all of the info as well - oh well. Anyhow, we stopped in to see if our stroller bassinet was in yet (it's on order) and it wasn't, but they did have our lambswool liner in (that's made to fit our stroller)! And oh my GOSH I love it - soft washable wool on one side and gorgeous suede on the other side. All washable and SO soft and luxurious - love love love it!

We also purchased a glider - a soft lovely chair with an ottoman that 'glides' (really it just gently rocks) back and forth & also reclines. SO SO comfy and it has nice soft arms for holding baby so you can be comfortable!

Week 27 - Hello Third Trimester!


  1. I totally sympathise about the leg cramps! I had that in both of my pregnancy's and when it happened it was so painful then and afterwards! I heard that a glass of milk a day is supposed to be good for it; it's the calcium I think. I only had it happen once in the last pregnancy. Lovely bump BTW.

  2. So, are we by chance looking at the curve of Sparky's shoulders, back and bum/rearend? Your bump seems indicative of specific form now!! COOL!