Thursday, October 20, 2011

A fun week

You LOVE your animal sounds - you can now baaaaaa for sheep, mooooo for cows, meow, woof, buzzzzz for bees, etc. You are SO good at them! You love to read this little book with simple pictures of animals when you are in your stroller!

Yummmmm spaghetti

You are SO good at holding a pen - somehow you hold it the correct way too! Very impressive.... that is until you started drawing on your shirt!

Dangling feet :) You are such a good eater. Your favorites this week are blueberries and red seedless grapes!

Relaxing with Dada after a big day, watching Bananas in Pajamas

Yesterday we went to the zoo for a few hours with our friends Lindsay & Chloe - it was awesome!! Unfortunately my camera battery died after this one shot *sigh*. I guess we'll just have to go again soon! You loved the giraffes, the chickens in the kids zoo, we saw a few minutes of the seal show, and then we rode the cable car all the way back up to the entrance - seeing elephants from the window - so cool! You had such a great time you took a 3 hour nap when we got home - unheard of!

And MOST IMPORTANT of all - (well VERY exciting for me) this week you started saying Mama!! You started by saying 'Ma' for a few days, then it progressed to Mama, and my heart melted :)

Tonight when it was time for books (after bath) you sweetly called out 'Dada', and when you were finished you called out 'Mama'. Then you reached over to Dada and said 'bye bye' and started waving. Such a smart lady :)

Also - finally - after ages of doing baby sign language to you, you have started signing for milk - YAY! You understand when I say the word milk, but now you can tell me when you want milk too!

At daycare on Tuesday, when we arrived your carer LeAnn said 'oh look who has arrived Max' and he said 'Nena' with a huge smile on his face (meaning Genna of course) - ahhhh he knows your name! Today they said you had the best day ever at daycare. It was SO warm out that they stripped you guys down to your nappies and got the finger paints out on the big play balcony. You aren't crazy about getting your hands dirty though (you hold them out and yell for someone to clean them off), but you painted a bit anyway. Then you went into the baby pool with a bit of water & soap in it to wash off. They said you were sitting in there splashing and screaming with laughter for ages!!! Another funny thing was today when I went to pick you up I saw you running around with a ball - then you threw it at your carer Becki's back - to play I guess! I've never seen you throw a ball before - excellent!


  1. SO many firsts and fun events!! How wonderful that "Mama" is in the language staples! Funny how it does wonders to your heart, isn't it?! Great stories... thank you!
    G.A. Joni

  2. Dear Genevieve,
    Love to hear that you are saying "Mama" and "Dada" now, as well as a host of other words. No surprise that you are taking off with language, as well as holding a pen correctly and starting to write. The writing part must be from your English teacher Grandma. : ) Well, at least from your Mama, who was always a voracious reader and fluent writer that composes regularly on her blog. Dada gets credit too, as he is so good at reading to you and teaching you new words. We are proud of you and love you! Grandpa and Grandma

    Genevieve and the Zoo
    Lions,zebras, rhinos,too,
    Genevieve loves going to the zoo!
    When she was little she liked the chicks,
    Now the elephants give her kicks.

    She loves to ride in her fancy pram,
    Watching koalas and a baby lamb.
    Life is adventures and all is new.
    Genevieve loves exploring, that is true.

    When all is said and done,
    Genevieve's day at the zoo was fun.
    The journey home was very still.
    Genna had walked up many a hill.

    Heavy eyelids and a bobbing head,
    Genna was home and carried to bed.
    She dreamed about her lovely day,
    Her safari at the zoo and the play.

    Days like this, make a little girl grow,
    Imagination expands and her desire to know.
    Treasured days so sweet and dear.
    Genna,dear Genna,wish you lived near.

  3. How exciting!! So many new things! And yes, the best one of all is "Mama"!!
    Jolie wants to know if the Australian sign for milk is the same as the American one.....squeezing your hand, like literally milking a cow!
    And wonderful that day care is going so well!!
    Thanks for the updates!!
    Great Aunt Jani

  4. Jolie - I bought the 'how to teach your baby to sign' book in Minnesota - so yes that's the sign we use!!

  5. Funny thing is, On Genna's first throw she probably has a better arm than her mother already :)

    -Your loving brother