Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More Month 15

You veggie bread I made - yummm!

Oh oh - the scene of the crime....... (someone wandered off with a red crayon)

typing with Dada

You new FAVORITE game - you love to put this blanket on your head and run around!

and I'm off!

This is how you brush

and now Genna's teeth!

AND back to the blanket - it's never ending fun

SO happy (and dirty from a day at daycare)!

You prefer to walk around with it OVER your face - but we only do it when you are in a 'safe' area :)

On Tuesday when I picked you up from daycare it was the best welcome ever!! You got a huge smile on your face when you saw me, then you ran up to me and kissed me on the lips. SO lovely to have such a great welcome :)

Last week when we were skyping with Grandma and Great Grandma Gigi, you found my wallet and stating taking out the cards (one of your favorite things to do). Then you started slotting the credit cards between the dvds on the shelf!! Ah NO that is not a good game - that's how we lose things ha ha - good thing I saw you doing it so I knew where they went!

Today you said bye bye (to Dada when we went to drop you off at daycare) and dog (when you picked your dog magnet out to show us) for the first time. You are loving saying shoes too (and yes, mama taught you that word)! You also starting do the 'eee eee eee' for a monkey - which is VERY cute!

Also at daycare they said you have just started this week seeking out people to play with. We saw pictures of you playing puzzles, painting, playing 'peek-a-boo' in the cubby house, and stacking things with other kids. Such fun!

Oh also we got your 15 month official weight yesterday - 9.6 kilos, which is about 21 pounds!


  1. Gma Sis and I are watching the blanket-over-the-head-bonking-into-the-couch video and laughing our heads off! How cute is that?!?! And those daycare 'loves' are the best!!
    Love y'all,
    Aunt Joni

  2. Wow, is she ever getting blonde!! I love the blanket on the head game! I cannot wait to hear her saying all those words!!
    Love, you's,
    Great Aunt Jani

  3. Genna Haiku

    Blanket and Bunny
    Join Genna running about:
    She's a Spring rose bud.