Thursday, October 6, 2011

Month 15

Playing drums on the beer box is different - and fun!

Sometimes we just need some quiet time on the sofa in front of her Baby Genius dvds

Just a bit of giggly fun we had one night.....
we liked all 3 videos SO much we couldn't choose just one :)

Driving around looking at houses is SO exhausting!

Monday was labour day so we had the day off of work/daycare and decide to go visit the local play gym with Aunty Helen

The 'Cosy Coupe' was a BIG hit!

So fun!

We also tried to take some nice 15 month photos - you turned 15 months old yesterday!

You with your little blanket. You love to cover up your stuffed toys like you are tucking them in and then pat them - so sweet. We make sure to give you these tiny cloths to use as blankets, or you rip our big blankets off of the sofa and try to drag those around!

You have JUST started standing on your chair. We are constantly saying 'Genna sit down, no standing on your chair'

And this is what you have to say back (sticking your tongue out blowing raspberries :)

Other new things lately:

I think you are starting to really recognize yourself in front of the mirror. When you are talking (or yelling) you will often look at the mirror in surprise like 'oh, she's doing it too.' Then you go closer and touch it and step back and look hard to figure it all out.

This past week I stopping feeding you milk in the night. We waited so long because you have been sick off and on for so long, but I think the timing was JUST right and you are doing great! You are doing SO well and have adjusted by starting to drink a TON of milk with dinner to fill yourself up for the night. You have started to wake up SUPER happy as well which I love. You sit up and wave at me in the morning!

You have started waving a lot for goodbye and hello a lot, even to strangers at the grocery store:) You also have started clenching your hand with a 'come here' gesture. You go up to your bunny or other toys and you just gesture at them like 'get up here already!!'

Your words of the week are Yes and Hello. I really like that now when I ask you questions the answer isn't always 'no' or 'dada'. Now you sometimes answer 'YES' and tonight you ran around the apartment like a crazy lady saying Hello over and over :)


  1. THANK YOU for all the videos!! I could sit here and watch them all day!

  2. Toes...
    My ten little toes
    They wiggle,they tickle,
    Little piggies moving to and fro,
    Come find me, Mom.

    If I stretch my toes out to you,
    Take the bait,I will explode in laughter,
    Caress and kiss my toes without my shoe,
    Come film how cute I am, Dad.

    My ten little toes are just fine,
    Toes delight me and give me joy,
    Just like bright rays of sunshine,
    Simple and pure love from parents.

    My wiggly,tickley toes.
    Oct. 6,2011

  3. Okay, the standing on the chair making raspberries looks just like Marcus to me!! Saturday morning watching Genna videos! It just doesn't get much better than that!!
    Love you's,
    Great Aunt Jani