Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Hot Summer like week in Spring!

This week we checked out the newly renovated Manly Lagoon Park

You liked checking out all the other kids

sometimes the birds proved more interesting though

later we made our way down to the beach

you had a nice nap in your stroller while we enjoyed the view from the shade (it was HOT!)

When you got up it was time to get straight into the sand toys


Then it was time to twinkle your toes in the ocean


SO SO happy

the concentration tongue

You are starting to get long lean legs - but you still have a little bit of chubby leg rolls - so cute

Look Dada - there's sand on my foot!

Time to rinse the sand off

Love that belly!! it's huge!

Later on - back at home winding down from an exciting day with blueberries & Dada

The next day was boiling again - so we decided to get dressed up for the pool!

Hi Mama!
It's just a shame they are renovating the baby pool that you loved so much last year so it was closed :(

So after a quick dip, we went back for another round at the fun new playground

The slide only works when you take your shoes off - fun!

Hello Dada!

This weekend we also made it up to Newport Beach. You loved having a bit of our fish burgers, but you did NOT like the after effects of the sand. The sand at that beach is REALLY sticky, very hard to wash off. You spent the whole car ride home looking for any spec of sand still stuck to your feet then you'd hold it out to me and yell until I picked it off.


This has been a VERY chatty week for you. You all of the sudden have become really good at imitating words we say. You said box, baby, toes, feet, and I'm sure there are a few more I can't remember :) Also this week at daycare they said you started to say Max's name one particular day when you were really chatty. You call him 'Muh.'

Oh and you have LOVED saying Bye Bye this week!


  1. In a word... CUTE! Could she say "bye bye" any more beautifully?!
    Great to see Murray up and about and in the pool!!
    Love you all,
    Auntie Joni

  2. Ohmygoodness......my heart is just melting hearing her sweet little "buh-bye's" !! Whatta doll!
    Love yous,
    Great Aunt Jani