Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Australia Day!!

Today is Australia Day - we made our way to Steve & Selina's place for a yummy Aussie BBQ!
I was requested to bring tater tot casserole - and yummm it was good (if I must say so myself:)

Wouldn't be Australia Day without sausages & lamb as well - yumm

As well as Pavlova - holy cow it was good - I had 2 big slices!

and Lamingtons - yumm yumm yumm

I wore my new Aussie shirt :) This is me post BBQ & kinda sweaty - but I had to get a pic of the shirt!

And the bump:)

We had a great day at their place, then when we got back to Manly we very quickly changed into our swimsuits and headed straight to the beach. That was my first swim of the year in the ocean - SO lovely & refreshing!!!


  1. Looks like you had an enjoyable day! And the little one was there with you to celebrate :)

  2. I think that Murray and you need a name just to call the baby while it is in the womb, as "the bump" seems so harsh for our precious first born grandchild. How about a term of endearment? I would hate to tell him or her that they were called "bump" for nine months. How about something original and sweet that would work for either sex? Maybe your blog readers could give you ideas for a name, too. Glad that you had fun on Australia Day! Good to see our grandbaby is growing. How about it, blog fans, what's a nick name you call a child that you love? Love, Mom

  3. well when I talk about the baby I call it 'the baby' but this photo is more of 'the bump' :) However, I do like Joni's suggestion of Sparky because baby is due near 4th of July! I dunno - nothing has quite stuck though, so we just stick with 'baby' right now!