Friday, January 29, 2010

Top 5 Highlights of 2009

The lovely Vegemite Wife tagged me 19 days ago to do a 'Top 5 Highlights of 2009' post - so here you go - I'm finally getting around to it (in no particular order:)

My Top 5 Highlights of 2009

1. Moving to Sydney - It was a great first year in Sydney. We moved into our first flat of our OWN (we always shared in London), we both got great jobs, and we live in an area we love! It has just been a hard adjustment living so close to the beach :)

2. Getting a Car - I haven't driven more than once or twice a year (when I was in Minnesota visiting) since I moved to London in late 2001. So it was VERY exciting for me to get a car here AND learn how to drive on the other side of the car on the other side of the road! I do LOVE the freedom of having a car - although we have a lot within walking distance - I love my little Betty:)

3. Cruising with Family - Holidaying with my parents, grandmas and close family and friends was fantastic. It was SO wonderful to spend 2 weeks with them, so so many cherished memories:)

4. Spending time with fam & friends in Oz - It has also been a great year for reconnecting with family and friends in Australia. I'm lucky to have made a few great new friends in '09 as well:)

5. Getting Pregnant - I won't go on & on about this, but it was a blessing, and we are really looking forward to July 2010!


  1. Hey - some of your faves are the same as mine!! Have a great weekend! It's below zero here... bet not there!!!
    Love ya, ~Auntie Joni

  2. Just catching up on your blog after awhile without reading... CONGRATS on the pregnancy. You must be thrilled!!