Thursday, January 21, 2010

Will Watch 2010

Yesterday I heard that Prince William would be touring near where I work, so I headed out at 11am, when they said he was due to arrive.
An hour later - he finally pulled up

This isn't my photo - but is exactly what I saw:) He waved, and that's as close as we got to see him, but it was exciting! I could see him from a distance after that, but didn't wait around while he toured cause I was boiling hot by then!!

I spent 6 years in the UK and never saw any of the Royals (well, other than Zara at the tennis, but I don't count that)!!

I'm glad I finally got to see him as after an hour in nearly 30c (90f) heat I was just about ready to give up and go back to my cool air conditioned desk. I sunburned my forehead a bit (opps - forgot to put sunblock there) but it was worth it. One of those spottings you just don't get very often! This was 27-year-old Will's first visit to Australia since 1983 when, aged just nine months, he accompanied his parents Prince Charles and Princess Diana on a tour.

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