Sunday, January 31, 2010

Off to the Opera

Saturday night we went see Candide at 'Opera in the Park' with Steve & Selina
Selina & I with our 'I Love Opera' stickers

After lovely nibbles & drinks in the VIP tent (thanks Steve!!), we made our way to our seats

The show was fabulous!! Paul McDermott, the host of the show 'Good News Week' was the narrator and also played a few parts - he was quite good - I was impressed!

Candide is SUCH a bizarre story, but I liked how they staged it and the voices were amazing!!!
We also saw Hugh Sheridan (Ben) and Zoe Ventoura (Melissa) from Packed to the Rafters - oh and also Fuzzy - the host of video hits. Minor Australian celebs - but fun to see them nevertheless:) A LOVELY night with Steve & Selina - always fun to spend time with them:)


  1. Your dress is adorable!!

  2. I love your dress too.
    I actually met Paul McDermott in London years ago - he's not as funny or nice as he seems on TV.