Friday, January 8, 2010


I felt like Mexican food today, even though I brought my own nice healthy tofu salad for lunch. So I made my way to Guzman y Gomez for lunch. I had a pulled pork burrito which also had rice & beans & avocado & salsa in it. I even made it 'healthy' by getting the whole wheat tortilla, and slathered every bit in the fantastic green jalapeno salsa they had on the tables. Oh my GOSH it was good, and pretty healthy - nice meat, fresh ingredients - and again WOW on the salsa. I asked if they sold bottles of the salsa, because I haven't seen much green salsa here. They do - so I will be back! Yummm yummmm
And no I'm not going to be wasteful, I'll have that salad before I leave today as dinner because we are going to see Avatar! I figure I need dinner before - since it is SO long - I hope we like it!

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  1. Avatar is an amazing feat of cinematography. If this is what the future of movies will be like- I love it! : )

    I read Lovely Bones a few years ago and I think it was a distrubing novel, but that is just my opinion. The plot deals with a parent's worst nightmare.