Friday, June 18, 2010

Crock Pot Off

A few weeks back Murray and I purchased a slow cooker, or 'Crock Pot'.....not long after came the predictable wave of Crock Fever (cue Bee Gees music as background soundtrack). This infection transmitted itself to our friends Matt and Steph, who, over a few wines, agreed to Murray's 'inspired' suggestion to set a date for a Crock pot challenge! The contract was drawn up, the signatures were scribbled....the legend began.

There was just one thing we didn't think through.....the competition required TWO full meals for judging...needless to say we rolled out of our chairs......

The night started with Matt's 30th Bday wine from Italian red Barolo.

Session 1 - Matt and Steph's German Spread. 24 hr cooked Pork with Cabbage and apple crisps! YUM!! Sooo tasty!

mmm the oven roasted potato chat's with just a 'touch' of olive oil ;-)

Apple Crisps - So tasty!

The tasty yet 'treacherous' buttered cabbage side. Not a 'first date' side ;-)

Slow Cooker MasterPork!

Session 2 - Our Lamb and Gorgonzola Scone topped dish!

With Carrot ....chunks ;-)

Zoom in on 'The Scone'.......

Dessert time....Brownies.......

...and Steph's home made Profiteroles!!! Look at that rich chocolate sauce!

This went with our brownies....Home Opened and lovingly Hand Lifted ice cream lid. Our master stroke of brilliance. ;-)

A tie in the end - and 4 VERY full people. Next time - one meal per evening!


  1. SEND RECIPES!!! I am now so very hungry I can't stand it!! We Minnesotans LOVE slow cooking! What a great way to celebrate your last day!

  2. Wow, I would say that you are both Betty Crocker Cook Book winners in the slow cook competition. Sounds like a fabulous evening. Bet Sparky was rocking and rolling that night.
    Love, Mom

  3. ooh, the gorgonzola scone looks awesome!!!

  4. I think you need to add food photography to the list matey!!