Thursday, June 10, 2010

Full Term Today!!!!

Today Sparky has been cooking for officially 37 weeks - which is considered 'Full Term'

HOORAY - how exciting - only 21 days now until Sparky's due date:) (A full term baby is 37-42 weeks gestation)

I do hope he cooks for at least a few more weeks - but it's a great milestone to hit.

I'm glad everyone enjoyed the video so much! I'll try and see if I can catch him moving again some time as they are fun to post!

I am SO looking forward to morning walks in Manly with Sparky as well - check out these dolphins Sprout Daily spotted this morning just off shore!!!


  1. Not sure what post a comment I just published went to - but the question was where did I order my rocket dog shoes from - the answer is

  2. Whoops you slipped. In your commentary on the blog today/above you called Sparky a "he" - "I do hope he cooks for at least a few more weeks..."

    Something you want to tell us? :-)

    Sparky's USA GrandDad

  3. So you're saying Sparky is rare to medium-rare and you'd prefer him to be well done??

  4. Nah - I always say 'he' - that's just my generic rather than 'it' - I admit I still REALLY don't know - but we did agree this morning on middle names for both a boy & a girl so we are set now for either!!! :)

  5. Congrats on being full term! Not long now until Henry has a playmate!

    Sorry we haven't been in touch to introduce him - it's been a very busy first few weeks. When are you off on maternity leave? Lets set date to meet up! xoxo - Meg

  6. No worries Megan! I knew your parents were in town, so I didn't want to bother you so you could have lots of great time with them:) I finish up next Friday (18th) - would LOVE to catch up the week after that some time to see you & Henry :)