Wednesday, June 30, 2010

MasterChef - Manly Style

Last Sunday Murray & Helen cooked a MasterChef meal (the big reality show here at the moment is a cooking show called MasterChef).

Murray took on a massive challenge - to make the MasterChef Beef Wellington
First step - crepes

They turned out beautifully

The jus in making (check out those beef bones - ewww)

Now time for the first fancy wrap - wrapping the fillet steak with the mushroom herb mix on the fancy prosciutto

Then on to the crepes!

Cook baby cook!

meanwhile we had Helen's lovely stuffed pepper starter


How gorgeous does THAT look?????

Perfect on the inside too (it's meant to be cooked to medium rare)

Plated and served - holy cow it was FANTASTIC!!! The meat was melt in your mouth buttery!

And Helen's fancy chocolate cake with coffee mascarpone - yummmm


  1. That looks delicious!!! You win!!! Is the design on top a "W" or an "M"? If you have that baby tonight, you should name him Wellington!!! The peppers and chocolate cake are phenomenal too! Bravo, Helen!! Would love a taste of ALL of it... okay, maybe giant bites!!! :) Love ya, Joni

  2. That looks absolutley gorgeous! My mouth is watering looking at the Beef Wellington. Well done.

  3. it's an M Joni:) for MasterChef (that's the show symbol)
    but lol yea it was goooood - best thing he has ever made - so so nice!!

  4. Honestly? I dribbled a little, that looked amazing. And Helen's cake looks fab!!

  5. WOW! This just made me so hungry!