Friday, July 3, 2009

4th of July prep

I started with my official 4th of July prep last night by making Missouri Cookies. I don't know why they are called that - but they are no bake - and they are yummy. I ate one for breakfast, and I have a tupperwear full of extras on my desk to share around at work today. I figure it's the start of a holiday weekend - so cookies for breakfast are acceptable right?

I don't have the recipe on me right now - I'll have to post it another day. Suffice to say for now that the main ingredients are oats, peanut butter & sugar - yummmmm.

You know what - just because I can - I may rename them Minnesota cookies - because they remind me of home:)


  1. You list the main ingredients and did not list CHOCOLATE??!!
    And don't ya love scraping the kettle?
    Now I'm gonna have to make some!
    Aunt Jani
    P.S. Happy 4th!

  2. Sounds like good reasoning to me! "Life is short, eat dessert first!" Plus I like the name Minnesota cookies. Glad to hear that you are continuing the tradition of celebrating 4th of July in Australia.

    We will think of you as we gather in the park by the band shell in the morning with our family. Later in the afternoon we will be defending our title as Green Lake 4th of July Boat Champions for the annual boat parade. Quite honestly, we owe the win totally to Joni last year, as she did almost all of the painting and creative work.

    It is supposed to be 80 and sunny, so it will be a gathering on the lake for most of the afternoon. Happy 4th of July!

  3. Ahem. Excuse me. Recipe..., please? They sound amazing!