Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blurb book here we come!

I have decided that after 6 months of slacking, I really need to get started on getting our travel blog printed out into a book. It was our way of sharing photos with family and friends, but it was also our travel journal. It makes me nervous that it's just sitting on the web - we need a hard copy!

I downloaded the software from Blurb and right now it is 'slurping' up our photos (their word - ha ha) - 6,863 in total! Um WOW - that's a LOT of photos. Thank goodness for smart software like this that can upload the photos & text FOR me - now I just have to arrange it & make it look all pretty - yay!!!

I think this will make a good winter project for me!

Hmmmm just a FEW photos to go!


  1. My hubby made a Blurb book for me of a lot of my artistic photos that I had on my Flickr site. It was a surprise birthday gift about 18 months ago. I was so touched and it makes a great coffee table book. I'm sure you'll cherish yours forever!

  2. Ohhhhhh...Minnie and baby Brock. How fun that will be to have your travel journies documented. Love you, Mom