Sunday, July 19, 2009

Today I went to a lovely 'High Tea' to celebrate Helen's birthday!
Cassie & Me

Birthday girl Helen & Me

They had lovely tea sets - hard to grab that tiny little handle though!

Cassie & Helen

Peita, Helen & Kristy

Our group - Cassie, Helen, Me, Peita, Kristy & Louisa

They had LOTS of lovely things, scones (with jam & cream of course), savory pastries, and fancy sandwiches & LOTS of gorgeous tiny little desserts! Oh and TEA of course - we got to choose a type from a menu. I chose Darjeeling - very nice I must say!

Helen with her special Birthday dessert plate

I thought it was quite pretty:)

A lovely afternoon but WOW I am STILL full! Had to try one of everything of course:)

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  1. Coming from an American, that's a pretty cool experience! It looks like a lovely birthday celebration, and all those little pastries look fantastic! Yum!