Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Random mid week post

1. When I left this morning I noticed the pool near us (which has closed for winter) had a bunch of ducks swimming around in it. I THINK they drained it recently, in prep for next season. I have the feeling ducks does not equal nice clean pool - ewwww.

2. It is meant to be 23c (76f) today. It is the middle of winter here. Hmmmmm I can't complain. Althought the weather guy on the radio said it'll cool back down to the average winter temp - about 15c (60f) tomorrow. Eh - I can live with that. But I'm still looking forward to SUMMER when we can swim again in the ocean (the water is frickin freezing right now!!!)

3. We started on Season 5 of the show '24' last night - we had been putting off watching it for AGES because we KNOW how addicting that show is. Proof in point we watched 3 episodes in a row last night - and easily could have watched 3 more. Gosh that show is good - I LOVE how every single episode ends on a cliffhanger!!!

4. I was sad to hear that MCA from my favorite band of all time the Beastie Boys has cancer - I hope they get it all & he feels better soon! And please when you're feeling better - come to Australia for your new tour! Would love to see the BBoys again in concert - they rock.

5. I hear that Paula Abdul has been dumped from American Idol - no surprise there. She has been acting loopy for years now! The question is - who will the new Paula be??? I am curious!

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  1. Suze - Cheshire, UKJuly 23, 2009 at 8:18 AM

    24 is sooo addictive, I need a about a year to catch up.. I've only seen series 1. Bad, I know.
    Very jealous of your weather - which, if it goes back to 15-16 degrees, is exactly what we're STILL having in the UK mid summer right now. Awful.
    Keep us posted if you find anything out on Idol!