Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Sister's Keeper

I went to the premier of My Sister's Keeper with Helen last night and WOW was it good.

I cried so much that my whole face felt raw from wiping my tears away, but wow what a touching story.

I think it helps as well that I read the book SO long ago that I had forgotten the twist. Also, I really do think that seeing a movie not long after the book means you are always disappointed - as movies never seem to be as good as the book because the level of detail is never there.

I loved it, but it was the most emotional sad movie I have seen since Beaches. It was one of those where you are crying in the happy scenes just cause you KNOW what's going to happen!


  1. Wait, "Cameron Diaz" and "Good Movie" in the same description...I don't buy it.

  2. I saw twilight a few weeks after reading the book and I wasn't disappointed... but I saw this a few weeks after and was totally disappointed. Can't believe you didn't remember the twist though!!! Even after years :)

    I didn't cry once... I think there's something wrong with me. I don't cry in movies any more- but I still cry watching grey's anatomy and I cry when I'm on hold too long with a bank or something and then they hang up on me :)

  3. yea I guess because I read this when I was commuting and reading a TON of books it just didn't 'stick' :) Now I remember though - once my sister-in-law took a look at the book & reminded me.

    I think I cried a ton too because cancer has effected our family so much, and I just took it to heart.

    Crying over the bank putting you on hold though? Sorry - that made me smile:) It would just make me irate! Granted, I did cry when they messed up my hair highlights AGAIN last week *sigh*