Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wood & stuff

This weekend we went down to see my in-laws and bring a load of wood down for the bed Murray is going to build with his Dad - lucky that Bruce is long - it fit in just fine!

We had a lovely weekend or relaxing, eating lovely food and catching up!

On the way back we laughed when we noticed the graffiti on this van - hmmm. However I do think the idea for this company is brilliant - we see them all the time. They buy old soccer mom vans and kit them out with stuff for camping (bed, stove, storage, etc) then they graffiti them with all sorts of goofy sayings & drawings (this one had giant fish on the sides as well). Obviously they are doing well as these bumper stickers show how many countries they operate in!

Back home we still had some wood - didn't want to weight Bruce down too much in one trip! Just had to move it to the side last night so Betty could still fit in! The mechanic is fixing her up & she should be ready tomorrow - hooray!

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