Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sometimes I really miss the tube

I love having a car again - especially after 3 of years of waiting for a bus, then a train, then another bus to get to work! But sometimes I really miss the tube..........

Yesterday I drove about a mile or 2 before realising that the temperature light was on! The gauge was on low, but the light was on. I called Murray & we decided I'd go home and ride into work with him as I had a morning meeting and didn't have time to call roadside assistance right then, and I was already running a little bit late!!

I had the guy from roadside assistance come last night, and he noticed that the coolant is low, and it has leaked ALL over (you can see it all over the place because it's Pink!). He gave me the worst and best case scenario, topped up the fluid, and told me it was a good thing our mechanic is so close by, otherwise he'd suggest I have a tow truck on standby just in case.


So I'm back with our other car Bruce today - which is always an adjustment. He is just SO much longer, and the blinker is on the other side which I always tend to forget when I first hop in. Oh well.

I'm crossing my fingers for the best case scenario (that a hose is just loose & is therefore leaking).

Sometimes I do miss the easy access to public transport that was frequent & cheap in London - so much less drama then having a car!!!

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