Friday, March 12, 2010

I feel so spoiled!

I am going to write about it on here, because frankly the guys at work just don't want to hear me go on & on about cute clothing & shoes:)

My parents sent me a GORGEOUS maternity dress for my b-day, I tried it on last night & really want to think of a good excuse to wear it this weekend! It is dressy, but perhaps I can dress it down with some flat shoes..... :) It will be PERFECT for the wedding we are attending early next month - flattering & classy!

I also have 2 other cute new maternity shirts - one from Grandma Sis & one from my auntie Joni - thanks guys:)

Murray's gift to me was cash to shop with because he tried & tried to find me the one thing I wanted - a pair of rocket dog shoes - and it turned out they just aren't sold at all anymore in Australia:( The US sites didn't have the styles I liked, so I ended up ordering them from the UK. They are like slip on sneakers - comfy with good support but SUPER cute!! I ordered 2 pairs, and the shipping cost wasn't actually too bad. I saw on today that they arrived in the country yesterday (not bad considering I ordered on Tuesday!!) and were cleared by customs & sent out for delivery - YAYYYYY! I can't WAIT to see/wear them! I also spent the rest of my b-day shopping cash on 2 pairs of completely impractical but GORGEOUS heels. I know they won't do me much good once my feet start to swell, but I do hope that doesn't happen til AFTER our friends get married at the beginning of April - cause I already have a pair picked our for the Hens night & the wedding!!

Tomorrow morning I'm off to enjoy my b-day gift from my in-laws - a relaxing facial - I can NOT wait!!! I haven't had a facial since I got pregnant, as I tried to avoid anything like that til after the first trimester, and now that I'm well beyond that I am THRILLED to be going - whooo hoooo!


  1. "Life is all memory,except for the one present moment that goes by you so quickly you can hardly catch it going." - Tennessee Williams

    All of your birthday gifts sound great and you should feel spoiled; you deserve it! Enjoy this celebratory time and catch the joy in each and every moment. Love you, Mom

  2. Hi, I am from NZ, and LOVE rocketdog shoes... can you give me the website you ordered them from? thank you, Jen :)