Sunday, March 21, 2010

Week 25

*How far along?: 25 Weeks

*Total weight gain: 7 kilos - which is about 15 1/2 pounds

*How big is baby?: Sparky is the size of an eggplant!

Your spouse might be able to pick up baby's heartbeat (no stethoscope required)by just putting his ear to your belly from this week! Inside the womb, the formation of tiny capillaries is giving baby a healthy pink glow. Baby's also soaking up your antibodies, getting the immune system ready for life outside the womb. Eyes are forming, and baby will soon perfect the blink -- perfect for batting those freshly grown lashes.

*Maternity clothes?: Yes very little of my non maternity clothing fits me now, although I did squeeze into a bikini this weekend! And no, I will not be posting those photos on the blog! I was quite surprised though to see the photos, it just looks different to see the bump from a distance - really does look stuck on my front! I also got a cute maternity top from Cameron & Nicole which I LOVE (wearing it today)!

*Sleep?: I have always slept on my side, but now can't really bend my legs up much as it's uncomfortable with the bump, but really I'm still sleeping pretty well. Well, other than the nights when I have awful dreams & wake up (that only happened once this week) and the fact that I can't seem to sleep in at all anymore (my body preparing me for having a baby in the house perhaps?)

*Best moment this week? Knowing that as every week goes by Sparky has more & more chance of surviving outside of the womb. I believe his chances are up to 70% this week. I do hope he stays nice & comfy in there until around at least 38 weeks though:)

*Movement?: Lots every day - lately I have been woken up a few times by movement, and I feel it quite often at night when I lay down to go to bed. Although I think Sparky is starting to run out of space in there because this week there is a lot more feelings of him just rolling around rather than so many pronounced kicks.

*Food cravings?: I like carbs - bought myself a bagel on Friday as a treat and today I really had to hold myself back from eating the hot cross bun Helen brought over last night until after I ate lunch today -(yummmm they are so nice - rolls that are slightly sweet with raisons in it - so so nice). Also Murray has introduced me to paddle pops - I love them (caramel & chocolate - both are lovely)!

*Labor signs?: nope - too soon for that!

*Belly button in or out?: still mid outtie! It does feel weird to run my hand across my belly and not feel any sort of a hole! But it isn't fully popped out yet:)

*What I miss: nothing really

*What I'm looking forward to: On Wednesday Sparky will reach the double digits (99 days) til he is due to arrive!!!

*Milestone: Moving into my 6th month of pregnancy!!

*Feelings this week:

*I simply cannot help myself when I go to the mall - I ALWAYS pop into the nice baby store they have there. I haven't bought much, but I look & I make lists:) Yesterday I checked out a few nappy (diaper) bags. Eh - I'm not crazy about their selection. I have been trouble finding a bag with the things that I want..... basically I want something that is wipeable to clean, has a big zip across the top so stuff doesn't fall out, and has a nice pattern with a bit of red in it (to match the stroller). You'd think these minimal requirements would make the search easy - well they don't. For some reason the people who make nappy bags have completely left out red as a popular color choice. I have found a few bags that I kind of like that have just the UGLIEST patterns & colors!! I found an ok one at a maternity shop - only thing is it isn't super spacious & doesn't have that zip across the top (I just know me - I need a zip or I will lose stuff!!) Oh well, I'm sure I'll find something I like eventually.

*By the way - there are two Australian baby terms I don't like - nappy (diaper) & dummy (nook, pacifier). I'm just not crazy about the terms - but of course that's not a huge deal.

*We went to visit a day care on their open day this weekend which was interesting. I have been to see a LOT of places with Helen, but Murray hadn't been to any yet. So it was good for both of us to have a poke around the place, and I really liked it! Nice staff, lovely place, great food for the kids & a nice big play area - ticked all the boxes!

*And really, I'm enjoying being pregnant:) Although I can't wait until Sparky arrives, I'm just trying to enjoy every moment of every day. However, it's such a bizarre feeling to have such a personal thing be so 'public.' Strangers with babies smile at me, the guys at work open doors for me more often, people offer to carry my bags, etc. It's nice - but just so strange! Nice to have a proper bump now though - I do love it:)

*I am a bit uncomfortable though. My ribs are sore most of the time (just on the right side - which I think is the side where I broke some ribs back in college while working as waitress) - epescially when Sparky kicks me there, and it's getting uncomfortable to eat a big meal as everything is tight!! I still do - I just have to rest afterwards:) Also walking up stairs I huff & puff like I just ran a marathoon - Sparky is really pushing up on my lungs - everything is just getting squished up in there!

*Also - this is SO funny:) Pregnant Women are Smug Song

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  1. Funny song;good thing you can laugh about satire at this point in the game. Sorry to hear that you are starting to feel uncomfortable...three more months to go. So take it easy and be good to yourself. Your updates are nothing short of amazing.

    Love, Mom