Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy B-day to Me

Saturday night my b-day pressie from Helen was a trip to Darling Harbour for a lovely dinner and..............

The Backstreet Boys!!!!!!

Kind of silly, but they each made a video clip based on I'm assuming their favorite movie's - one did the Matrix, one did Fight Club, etc. Weird, but interesting to watch while they changed outfits:)

I think AJ is looking quite old with his shaved head - he sounded good though

But Nik was the STAR!!! He was fantastic - his voice was spot on! Brian unfortunately was not, I think maybe he was sick? But he did not sound good when he had solo bits.

Overall - it was SO fun!!!!! I feel like such a teenager saying it - but I do still love the Backstreet Boys:) I sang along to every song I knew (which was everything but the new album) and it was FUN! Love the old classics (can you believe they have been together for 17 years??? wow)! I had trouble getting to sleep that night because Incompleeeeeeeeete kept going over & over in my head!

(I'm going to post a bunch of videos just for you Jolie:)

Dance, dance dance!

On Sunday (the day I officially entered the low 30's..... 31 to be precise) Murray took me to Darling Harbour.

We went to lunch at Chinta Ria as I have always wanted to try eating there (and to get a picture with the buddah!).

This is the dress Murray got me for M&M day - it makes me feel like the bump is massive, but it sure is cute & comfy:) The meal was not so great, I wish we had just gone to Wagamamas instead - but oh well, next time! At least the starters were nice:)

I will post pictures of our excursion later that day to Wildlife World soon :)